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    Our heavy machinery industry, "second five" development prospectsUpdate date:2020/03/25

    Recently, the China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, the four members of the Fifth Meeting and Board of Directors Meeting on behalf of the Association executive vice president of XU Following that the heavy machinery industry in 2010 continued for two years gradually out of the trough of the financial crisis, showing a momentum of steady development. Traditional industry slowdown According to statistics Heavy Machinery Association 4663 companies showed that industrial output value of 718.2 billion yuan last year, an increase of 25.55%, industrial sales output value of 694.17 billion yuan, an increase of 25.15%, the output value of 142.08 billion yuan of new products, an increase of 8.08%, the export delivery value of 53.79 billion yuan, down 9.19 percent. Among them, the mining machinery production and sales of rapid growth, an increase of 32.2%, 22.6% llurgical equipment, material handling equipment was 22.11%. llurgical equipment export value dropped 22.09%. The main product output growth is relatively large cement equipment increased 40.7%, transportation machinery grew 37.82%, an increase of 19.2% mining equipment, cranes grew 10.29%, llurgical equipment grew by only 8.6%, l rolling equipment fell by 3.18%. Industrial output value of over ten billion enterprises: Dalian Heavy Industries, too, a heavy, North Heavy Industry, CITIC Heavy, double, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries. Sales value of over ten billion there, Dalian Heavy Industries (14.277 billion yuan), heavy (13.357 billion yuan), CITIC Heavy Industries (12.508 billion yuan), the North Heavy Industries (12.296 billion yuan), Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries (17.12 billion yuan). Industry-wide sales volume of the top ten companies, in addition to the five companies as well as a weight (9.432 billion yuan), double (9.332 billion yuan), the weight (3.979 billion yuan), Weihua (3.625 billion yuan), Jiangsu Tongrun (3.101 billion yuan). Heavy machinery industry profits amounted to 49 billion yuan, an increase of 20.1%, the industry profit margin was 7.1%, down 0.1, indicating that the overall benefits of the industry needs to be improved. And medium-sized key enterprises in the industry as a whole better efficiency, total profits and faster growth of enterprises in Dalian Heavy Industries, a heavy, CITIC Heavy, heavy and so on. But the heavy machinery industry export situation is not optimistic, exports of $ 11.12 billion last year, import export surplus of $ 5.169 billion, down 11.1 percent. In the first quarter of this year has been warmer in the first quarter industry production and sales picked up speed has been significantly accelerated, industrial output value reached 172.356 billion yuan, an increase of 27.86%, industrial sales output value reached 165.71 billion yuan, an increase of 27.77%, total imports and exports of $ 4.472 billion , an increase of 19.66 percent, while continuing to maintain a surplus of $ 1.142 billion, but has been down by 9.65 percent. Where llurgical equipment industrial sales output value of 20.655 billion yuan, an increase of 8.95%, total imports and exports 667 million US dollars, an increase of 12.74 percent, the trade surplus $ 24.11 million, down 69.67%, the export situation is not very good; mining machinery sales value 52.668 billion yuan, an increase of 34.25%, total imports and exports 480 million US dollars, an increase of 53.43%, trade surplus of $ 126 million, an increase of 139.6 percent, exports good momentum of development; lifting the transport machinery domestic market situation is better, industrial sales the output value of 92.394 billion yuan, an increase of 29.2%, total import and export 3.325 billion US dollars, up 17.46 percent, the trade surplus $ 992 million, but fell by 12.36%, the export situation is not optimistic. Large key enterprises overall situation is more normal, delivery in good condition, the task full, several leading enterprises situation is stable, the overall better efficiency. Overcapacity highlight for the current problems in the heavy machinery industry, XU Following that the high-end manufacturing areas of R & D investment due to the early lack of technical reserves is not enough to keep up with the sudden changes in domestic and foreign markets, the development momentum is not strong enough, the impact of the large enterprises industrial restructuring and development. Forging production capacity too fragmented, in terms of its heavy-duty forging equipment, large-scale hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine existing 15,000 tons a heavy, double 16,000 tons, 16,500 tons on weight, CITIC 18,500 tons, while some companies It is 2-ton hydraulic machine, if it continues to disorderly development, will affect investment returns. Excess capacity bridge, gantry crane, small conveyor market competition is too fierce price war has reached a fevered pitch, especially small and medium bridge, gantry crane companies will face the risk of failure. Small and medium enterprises within the industry more prominent talent crisis, weak R & D team and a lack of high-tech industry, has become the bottleneck of the development. Due to fierce market competition, lower prices of raw materials, staff wages, with the state-controlled loans, the capital chain of SMEs will be a crisis.

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